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Take some time to browse through our latest and greatest jewelry collections! Just click on any thumbnail below to see all of the pieces in a jewelry line.

The Art of Being a Woman -
Mood Swings

Silver pins and earrings that celebrate women in their different phases of life.

The Art of Being a Woman II - Prerogative and Crowns
Silver pins and earrings that celebrate the royalty and indecisiveness in all of us.
"Twisted" earrings, pendants, and bracelets
Silver geometric-inspired designs accented with colorful glass beads and crystals.
- circles, twists, spirals and hearts
Animal Charms 
These playful charms capture the essence of cats and dogs. Each charm reflects a unique personality and can be worn as earrings, pendants, and bracelets!
"Love and Devotion" - Personalized pendants, bracelets and earrings 
You design a unique gift by specifying the names and accents for your jewelry.
No More Funny Business!  
Popular corporate sayings are brought to life in these pins - many with moving parts!
"Slurred Speech" Drink Charms!   
These are NOT your average drink charms! Identify each of your guest's glasses at your next party with these sassy & edgy drink charms.
Cufflinks and Keyrings
Great gifts for men! Sterling silver and vermeil (gold-plated silver) cufflinks and keyrings in popular corporate sayings. 
Your office space never looked so good! Brass cubicles with a perfectly-scaled silver desk and chair for the little plastic people that inhabit them. 

Hungry Animals 
Adorable animal pins "caught in the act" of stealing a treat! Look closely - these pins are visual puns for business sayings as well...

Steppin' Out
Tiny, true-to-life scale models of a pair of classic women's pumps transformed into earrings, pendants and pins!
bleeps! - Say it! Think it! Wear it with bleeps!
Jewelry with an attitude... These pins, earrings, pendants, bracelets and anklets let you "tell it like it is" without ever having to say a word.
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