Where to find One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Designs in Ohio


gallery name & address




Don Drumm Studios & Gallery
  437 Crouse St


Bellbrook Cindy's Wine Cellar
  4457 State Route 725
Canton Studio Arts and Glass
  1132 30th St. NW
Columbus Artistically Bent
  718 North High St


If there is a gallery in Ohio where you would like to see the One-Eyed Collie Jewelry collection, please send any information you have to info@oneeyedcollie.com. A $50 gift certificate good toward any One-Eyed Collie jewelry purchase from our website is yours for any store recommendation that results in a sale (*store purchase must meet our minimum wholesale order requirements). Thanks!


If you represent a store or gallery that wants to carry the One-Eyed Collie jewelry lines, please review our Wholesale policies and contact us at info@oneeyedcollie.com. Even though a gallery or store is listed here, they may only carry a small subset of our designs or they may be inactive - please call us if you are interested. Thanks!

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