Where to find One-Eyed Collie Jewelry Designs in New Hampshire


gallery name & address




Casual Cat
  112 Rte 101A


Center Harbor Yikes! American Craft Gallery
  RR 2, Box 1A; Main St
Concord Capitol Craftsman
  16 N Main St
Hanover Foreign Accents
  53 South Main Street


If there is a gallery in New Hampshire where you would like to see the One-Eyed Collie Jewelry collection, please send any information you have to info@oneeyedcollie.com. A $50 gift certificate good toward any One-Eyed Collie jewelry purchase from our website is yours for any store recommendation that results in a sale (*store purchase must meet our minimum wholesale order requirements). Thanks!


If you represent a store or gallery that wants to carry the One-Eyed Collie jewelry lines, please review our Wholesale policies and contact us at info@oneeyedcollie.com. Even though a gallery or store is listed here, they may only carry a small subset of our designs or they may be inactive - please call us if you are interested. Thanks!

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